T-61.124 Computer Architecture Project (2 cr), autumn 2005

 T-61.124 Tietokoneen arkkitehtuurin harjoitustyö (2 ov)

General overview

In this course the students design a RISC microprocessor. Also the MIPS R2000/3000 is studied in greater detail than in the T-61.123 course. The design is done using available building blocks and some parts designed by the students using the VHDL language. The work is done in groups of 1-3 students.


Computer Architecture (T-61.123)

Course Material


Teaching arrangements

There is an introductory lecture in the main building hall A on Thursday 8th December 2005 at 16.15. The lecture deals with knowledge needed in the project.

The project report has to be turned in in the course mailbox in the Computer Science laboratory at the T building. The deadline is Monday 27th February 2006.

There are four consulting sessions in the beginning of the year 2006. They are in the Computer Science laboratory Library room B332 on Thursdays 12th January, 26th January, 9th February and 16th February at 16 17. The lecturer can also be contacted using the e-mail address seppo.haltsonen@evtek.fi. The course is held for the last time during the academic year 2005 - 2006.

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Seppo Haltsonen

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