More information about first SOM demo

[image of applet] On the top there is the control panel. To start the automatic teaching press the START button, and to stop, press it again (it should read STOP while automatic teaching is in progress). The RANDOMIZE button will initialize the map to random values. The text field at the right end of the control panel is used to set the alpha parameter (the learning rate). Enter the new value and press return to set alpha.

Input controller: The leftmost slider (with pink background) is the input controller. It displays the input value used to teach the map on its right. Change the position of the slider with the mouse (click on desired position or drag the slider) to teach one step with the value of your choice.

The map contains five map units represented by vertical sliders. The position of the slider indicates the value stored in the unit. The sliders are controlled by the SOM algorithm. At each step during teaching, the sliders are moved to show the new values. The yellow area shows the difference compared to the previous value of the unit. The slider whose value is closest to the input value (i.e. corresponding to the best-matching map unit) is indicated with red colour. The values of the units can be changes with the mouse.

Keys: Press the SPACEBAR KEY on the keyboard to teach one step with a random vector. Use the CURSOR UP/DOWN keys to speed up/slow down the speed of automatic teaching.

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