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Bioinformatics at the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science

Bioinformatics and computational genomics utilize modern statistical and computational methods to understanding biological processes. Recent advances in measurement technology are transforming functional genomics. Modern DNA microchips enable measurement of the activity state of tens of thousands of genes in a cell, and related techniques are being developed for measuring the protein contents.


The Laboratory of Computer and Information Science has strong research activity in developing statistical models and algorithms for analyzing biological processes and mining biological data. Two closely co-operating groups of our laboratory apply modern computational and statistical methods to problems of computational biology:
  1. Pattern Discovery group (H. Mannila, J. Hollmen)
  2. Statistical Machine Learning and Bioinformatics (S. Kaski)


Bioinformatics teaching in CIS is based on the active research of the laboratory in both methods and in bioinformatics. Currently it is possible to specialize in bioinformatics in the following programmes:

  1. Computer and Information Science major in Computer Science Study Programme, and into
  2. Bioinformation Technology Study Programme.
  3. MBI, Master's programme in bioinformatics

In other degree programmes it may be possible to take the module as a minor. Alternatively, the new degree system makes changing the programme after the Bachelor easy.

The goal of the studies is to gain an advanced understanding of the computational, modeling, and data mining methods required for understanding biological and medical systems, analyzing large datasets measured from them, and in solving modern biomedical research problems. Since all advances in the field cannot be predicted, the studies include a strong general-purpose methodological basis which does not leave the students speechless when the field progresses. At the moment, for instance data analysis experts are needed in research institutions and companies in the biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

The studies consist of advanced studies in at least one of the subfields of bioinformatics or neuroinformatics. Lecture courses and special courses on timely topics are available for that. Additionally, a strong general-purpose understanding of the methods is needed: data mining, statistical modeling or machine learning. Within these limits the studies can be planned freely.

For current courses see CIS Teaching pages.

Professors in charge: Samuel Kaski, Heikki Mannila (off duty), Jaakko Hollmen. For further information please contact: Janne Nikkilä (lecturing researcher).

For news, current events, and courses, see:
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o For other suitable courses, see also the subprogramme of bioinformatics and computational biology by Department of Computer Science at UH and Computational Systems Biology by LCE at HUT.

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