META-NET Challenge:
Context in Machine Translation

META-NET A Challenge organized by
META-NET Network of Excellence

Challenge schedule

  • 14 Jun 2011, workshop and data set release (ICANN 2011, Espoo, Finland)
  • 18 May 2012, test set released
  • 8 Jun 2012, challenge task submissions due
    New: Challenge submissions are still accepted
  • Sep 2012, workshop and challenge results (ICANN 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland)
    New: See workshop page

Challenge training set

See README.txt for information about the challenge task and the data set.

Training data statistics:

Documents Segments Segments with n-best lists
en-fi 5,364 193,267 104,810
el-fr 5,307 162,137 95,954

Sample training documents (in XML): en-fi, el-fr.

The whole data set is available through a request by email from Jaakko Väyrynen,

Challenge test set

The test set is available at