Time table, T-122.102 (Spring 2005)

18.1Introduction to the course-Jaakko Hollmén
25.1.Lecture 1TBAJaakko Hollmén
1.2.Better subset regression using the nonnegative garroteBreiman, Leo
Technometrics, 37(4):373-384, Nov. 1995
Seppo Fagerlund
1.2.Regression shrinkage and selection via the lassoTibshirani, Robert
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
58(1):267-288, 1996
Francesco Corona
8.2.Least angle regressionB. Efron, T. Hastie, I. Johnstone, and R. Tibshirani
The Annals of Statistics, 32(2):407-499, Apr. 2004
Timo Similä
Sven Laur
15.2.Regularization theory and neural network
F. Girosi, M. Jones, and T. Poggio
Neural Computation, 7(2):219-269, Mar. 1995
Yongnan Ji
Jin Hao
22.2.Atomic decomposition by basis pursuitS. S. Chen, D. L. Donoho, and M. A. Saunders
SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, 20(1):33-61, 1998
Nima Reyhani
Ville Mäntynen
1.3.An Equivalence Between Sparse Approximation and
Support Vector Machines
F. Girosi
Neural Computation, 10(6):1455-1480, Aug. 1998
Antti Sorjamaa
1.3.Sparse regression for analyzing the development of
foliar nutrient concentrations in coniferous trees
In proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on
Environmental Applications of Machine Learning (EAML 2004)
pages 57-58, Bled, Slovenia, September 2004
Mika Sulkava
1.3.Input selection for long-term prediction of time series-Jarkko Tikka
8.3.1. The Learning Methodology
2. Linear Learning Machines
An Introduction to support vector machines
(and other kernel-based learning methods)
N. Cristianini and J. Shawe-Taylor
Cambridge University Press
Antti Sorjamaa
Nima Reyhani
15.3.3. Kernel-Induced Feature SpacesAn introduction to SVMTimo Similä
Seppo Fagerlund
22.3.4. Generalisation TheoryAn introduction to SVMJan-Hendrik Schleimer
Ramunas Girdziusas
5.4.5. Optimisation Theory
6. Support Vector Machines
An introduction to SVMYongnan Ji
Jin Hao
12.4.7. Implementation Techniques
9. Pseudocode for the SMO Algorithm
An introduction to SVMAmaury Lendasse
19.4.8. Applications of Support Vector MachinesAn introduction to SVMMatthieu Molinier
Sven Laur

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