Time table of T-122.102, spring 2003

DateSpeaker SubjectNotes
21.1.Jaakko HollménIntroduction
28.1.Jouni SeppänenFrequent itemsets Handout; →Agrawal93, →Mannila94
4.2.Alexander Hinneburg3D patterns in molecules Not at HUT; More information
11.2. Winter vacation  
18.2.Mathias Creutz Episode rules Slides: PowerPoint, PDF; →Mannila97
18.2.Jussi Pakkanen HITS Slides (PDF); →Kleinberg99
25.2.Arto KlamiStability of HITS & PageRank Slides; →Ng2001
25.2.Sven LaurHITS & PageRank →Ding2002
4.3.Jukka ParviainenProbabilistic clustering →Wolfe1970, →Everitt81
4.3.Thomas de Cointet Non-identifiability of Bernoulli mixtures →Gyllenberg1994, →Carreira2000
11.3.Tapani RaikoMaximum entropy and frequent sets Slides (PDF); →Pavlov01
11.3. Exercise session Deadline for exercises 1–4
18.3.Cancelled because of CIS Lab Sports Tuesday
25.3.Juha RaitioGeneralized Linear Models →Nelder72, →Myers97
25.3.Esa Rinta-Runsala Bayesian analysis of Generalized Linear Models →Oh97
1.4.Jaakko HollménFraud detection DSc Thesis
8.4.Matti AkselaMAMBO →Castelo2001
15.4.Ville ViitaniemiState-space modeling of discrete data
15.4.Ella BinghamTopic models
22.4. Easter vacation  

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