Last homework exercise

  • This exercise is not limited to any particular article, but the collection given for the course (the list of 12 articles).
  • Use citations (the more, the better).
  • You may also suggest your own solutions, or solutions given outside the course material.
  • Be concise and limit your output to two pages.
  • Return the answer at the final meeting (28 Nov).
  • 1 extra homework point can be obtained by a good answer (normal answer => 1p, good answer => 1+1p)

Describe ways to improve retrieval performance in the TREC-style tasks in spoken document retrieval (SDR)

Discuss also the significance of each idea, either based on the presented TREC evaluation results or your own reasoning. Concentrate on the most significant ideas and things especially relevant to SDR rather than small speech recognition or information retrieval improvements in general.
Thursday, 24-Oct-2002 15:18:51 EEST