Course timetable

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Date Topic Presenter
20.9. Introduction, practical issues, distributing topics Krista Lagus, Mikko Kurimo
25.10. Chapter 5 Probabilistic Models of Pronunciation and Spelling Matti Aksela
Chapter 6 N-gram Models of Syntax  Patrik Hoyer
31.10.klo 9 - 12 Chapter 3 Morphology and Finite-State Transducers Mathias Creutz
Chapter 12 Lexicalized and Probabilistic Parsing  Jukka Laurila
Hofmann, Topic-Based Language Models Using EM  Teemu Hirsimäki
31.10. klo 12-13 LUNCH BREAK
31.10. klo 13-17 Chapter 7 HMMs and Speech Recognition  Jaakko Peltonen
Chapter 17 Word Sense Disambiguation and Information Retrieval  Jarmo Ritola
Bellegarda, Exploiting Latent Semantic Information in Statistical Language Modeling  Jukka Kuusisto
Bengio, A Neural Probabilistic Language Model  Arto Teräs
1.11. Chen, Bayesian Grammar Induction for Language Modeling  Ville Viitaniemi
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Topic identification in dynamical text 
Ella Bingham
8.11. Chelba, Structured language modeling  Markus Koskela
Iyer, Modeling Long Distance Dependencs in Language: Topic Mixtures Versus Dynamic Cache Models Lauri Seitsonen
15.11. Mohri, Finite-State Transducers in Language and Speech Processing  Vesa Siivola
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About speech recognition in Finnish 
Vesa Siivola
22.11. NO MEETING  
24.01.2002 Short presentations of project work, feedback Everyone
31.01.2002. Deadline for project work Everyone
Wednesday, 23-Jan-2002 19:14:13 EET