T-61.183 Special course in Information Science III (4 ov) (L)

Old seminars: 1998 2000.

Spring 2002

Place: Seminar room T4 in T-building
Time: Mondays 15 - 17, starting on January 28
Language: English
Credit points: 4
Lecturer: D.Sc.(Tech) Ricardo Vigário
Assistant: M.Sc. Jaakko Särelä
Web page: http://www.cis.hut.fi/Opinnot/T-61.183/

Biomedical signal processing

The goal of this seminar is to give an overview of the most important biomedical signal processing techniques. We will attempt to follow each topic with a suitable application, mostly using MEG recordings. If the book "Biomedical Signal Analysis", from Rangayyan, becomes available (as expected), it will be the course's main reference. Additional references include "Electric Fields of the Brain: Neurophysics of EEG", from Paul Nunez, as well as "Methods of Analysis of Brain Electrical and Magnetic Signals" (Vol.1 of the "Handbook of Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology"), by Gevins and Remond. A tentative table of contents of Rangayyan's book can be found in: http://www.enel.ucalgary.ca/People/Ranga/bmsatoc.html

Seminar timetable

Project instructions


You need only the basic knowledge about probability and statistics, matrix algebra, and algorithms in order to follow the course. Basic neurophysiology and signal processing knowledge are a welcomed plus. The first lectures will be used to cover the necessary background.

Requirements for passing the course

To pass the course with 4 credits, you have to at least

  • Give one lecture:
    • Put the transparencies available on the internet in advance to the lecture;
    • Have 1 error hidden in the lecture (talk and transparencies);
    • Collect all the ``error reports'', and compile an Errata, to be made available on the next lecture day (should not be longer than 1 page, with a couple of lines of explanation per error).
  • Attend, at least, 70% of the lectures
    • Identify ``the'' error in the talker's lecture;
    • (each true error is worth 1 point, each wrong one 1/2);
    • Should total at least 7 points.
  • Carry out 2 small projects, and write a brief report on them (e.g., using a 4-6 page article-like structure).

To pass with distinction

  • Carry out all the items in the previous list excellently;
  • Find 10 errors (points);
  • Carry out 3 small projects.

Signing up for the course

Please come to the first lecture on Monday, January 28.

Ricardo Vigário

Tuesday, 14-Jan-2003 14:45:15 EET