Topics for the presentations

The topics will be assigned at the first meeting Thu 6. February.

If you have an idea for an own topic that is not included in this list, please contact the assistant or the professor to discuss the topic further.

Topics based on the text book (B), and selected articles (A)

  1. Chapter B2. Acoustic Features and Distance Measure; J. de Veth, et al.
  2. Article A1. Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments: A Survey; Y. Gong.
    Speech Communication 16:3 (1995) 261-291.
  3. Article A2. Model-Based Techniques for Noise Robust Speech Recognition; M.J.F. Gales.
    PhD thesis, University of Cambridge (1995) Chapter 5.
  4. Article A3. Recent Advances in the Multi-Stream HMM/ANN Hybrid Approach to Noise Robust ASR; A. Hagen, A.C. Morris
    IDIAP Research Report 02-57 (2002).
  5. Chapter B3. Speaker Compensation in Automatic Speech Recognition; D.T. Merino.
  6. Article A4. An adaptive method for speaker independence.
    M.Sc. thesis of Vesa Siivola, HUT 1999.
  7. Article A5. Adaptation in Automatic Speech Recognition.
    M.Sc. thesis of Mathias Creutz, HUT 2000 (in Swedish).
  8. Chapter B4. Robustness in Statistical Language Modeling; J.R. Bellegarda.
  9. Chapter B5. Improving Robustness by Modeling Spontaneous Speech Events; P.A. Heeman, J.F. Allen.
  10. Chapter B6. Regular Approximation of Context-Free Grammars; M. Mohri, M.-J. Nederhof.
    Chapter B7. Weighted Grammer Tools: The GRM Library; M. Mohri.
  11. Chapter B8. Robust Parsing and Beyond; J.-P. Chanod.
    Chapter B9. Robust Parsing of Word Graphs; G. van Noord.
  12. Chapter B10. Balancing Robustness and Efficiency; C.Penstein Rosé, A. Lavie.
  13. Article A6. Noise robust ASR.
    Speech Communication 34:1-2 (2001). Select an article from the special issue.
  14. Article set A7. Speech Recognition in Noise: Aurora, recent developments.
    Proceedinds of International Conf. on Spoken Language Processing (2002). Select a few articles from the special session 4.
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