T-61.182 Spring 2002: Neural Networks for Speech Processing
Course timetable

Date Topic Presenter Slides Excercises
17.1. Introduction, practical issues, distributing topics Mikko Kurimo ps | HTML
24.1. NO MEETING (T-61.184 conclusion)
7.2. Ch 2: Speech signal characteristics pp.19-58 Arto Teräs
Ch 3a: Speech recognition (methods) pp.63-90 Kimmo Lomperi
Current Issues in Speech Recognition
14.2. Ch 5a: Discriminative Training (static model) pp.159-184 Mathias Creutz
Ch 5b: Discriminative Training (temporal model) pp.185-212 Ilkka Aho
21.2. Ch 6: Recurrent NNs pp.217-241 Ramunas Girdziusas
Ch 7: Time-Delay NNs and Hybrids pp.245-276 Tom Bäckström
28.2. Ch 8: Probabilistic NNs pp.281-298 Vesa Siivola
Ch 9: Minimum Classification Error Training pp.307-343 Jaakko Peltonen
Current Issues in Speech Signal Processing
7.3. Ch 10: NNs for Speaker Recognition pp.357-388 Tobias Andersen
Project meetings
25.4. Project works, short presentations Everyone
Final project reports due to 31.05.2002.

Wednesday, 06-Feb-2002 13:40:56 EET