Tik-61.181 Special Course on IT I, autumn 98

To complete the project, do the following:

Solve the predictive distributions of different models (choose a sensible prior). Approximate if you cannot sove them analytically.

Compare different models with each other.

Compare the theoretical optimum and the coding length achieved by arithmetic coding

Images to be coded in TIFF format:

Deadline for the project is 15th February. Write a short report and return your encoder and decoder by email to Harri.Lappalainen@hut.fi.

Tästä sivusta vastaa Harri.Lappalainen@hut.fi.
Sivua on viimeksi päivitetty 2.12.1998.
URL: http://www.cis.hut.fi/cis/edu/Tik-61.181/exercises.html