Project assignment

Project assignment

All the tasks below should be applied to the following dataset.

The project should be reported in a concise but high standard research-like article.

The report should be returned by the 15th of January.

Characterisation of the frequency content

  • Specify the frequency content of the data using Fourier analysis.
  • Filter out the 60 Hz power line and the base-line wander.
  • Extend the analysis into time-frequency representation both in Fourier and Wavelet bases. Justify your choice of Wavelet basis. Explain the reasons for the differences between the two approaches.


Segment the data in portions having:
  • alpha
  • beta
  • delta
You may choose any segmentation method from the book. Justify your choice.

Modelling and time-series prediction

Model the data using a suitable linear auto-regressor (AR).
  • Find a good balance between model complexity (the number of time lags) and predictive power.
  • Check for stationarity in the data by computing the innovation process (i.e. the residual between the data and the prediction of the model)
  • Predict 10 next values for the data.
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