T-61.181 Special course in Information Science I


The Assignments for the First Project

To pass the course, every participant must complete two project works. The first project is a relatively simple assignment on some theoretical aspects of standard ICA, while the second one is a more extensive assignment on the extensions and practical aspects of ICA. The exact details of the second project will be announced at the beginning of December. Those who wish to suggest their own project also have to do the first project as indicated here, and their own project then replaces the second one. The deadline for returning both project works is January 31, 2002.


You must return a written report in which you provide justified answers to the questions in the assignment. Explain what you have done and why. The complete, sufficiently commented source code should be included as an appendix in the report.


You are free to use any numerical software you want. We recommend using Matlab, which is well suited for all the assignments.

The Assignments

The numbers of the assignments are listed in the table below. Please pick the one that corresponds to the last digit of your student number. (E.g. if your student number is 12345S, the last digit is 5 and thus your assignment is 9.1.) Note that the numbers refer to the computer assignments in the textbook, not to the ordinary problems.

Last digit of the student number Computer assignment
0-1 7.1, p. 164*
2 7.2, p. 164
3-4 8.1, p. 200
5-7 9.1, p. 218
8-9 11.2, p. 237

*Note: There is an error in computer exercise 7.1 on page 164 of the book. The correct formulation of the problem is:

... Plot the distributions of the observed mixtures. ...

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