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T-61.5900 Computer and Information Science Special Assignment V (5-10 cr)

suomeksi T-61.5900 Informaatiotekniikan erikoistyö V (5-10 op)
Kimmo Raivio

On substituting T-61.195/6

For those students who are studying according to the old structure, the course T-61.5900 can be used to substitute the old study period T-61.195 or T-61.195 but only if the number of credits is at least 7 cr. Since T-61.5900 has varying content, it can be taken twice. This way one can substitute both old study periods T-61.195 and T-61.196.

What on Earth is a Study Period?

It is a course, but for some bureaucratic reason old courses are not called courses. That would be too simple and understandable. The study period has nothing to do with the teaching periods I-IV, which would be obvious if both were not called "period". Mentally substitute the word "course" in the above paragraph and read again. Maybe it is understandable on second reading :-)


The goal of the assignment is to familiarize the student with independent project work. The assignment may be theoretically oriented, practical implementation, or a literature review, and in every case related to the topics of T-61 courses.

How to Complete the Assignment:

Currently the special assignment coordinator is D.Sc. Kimmo Raivio, room B305, office hour wed 14-15, tel. 4515295.
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