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Self-Organizing Map (SOM), County data


This document contains the information regarding and instructions for th SOM based project work. This assignment will get you acquainted with the Self-Organizing Map (SOM), show you where the SOM is applicable, and how it works. To make this work interesting, you shall study real world data, the similarities and differences between the counties of Finland. A secondary objective of this work is to guide you to create an understandable project document. The first part of this document describes the phases of this project, the second the requirements of the project report, the third some technical aspects and the last part the conclusions.

The phases of the work

  1. First, you should prepare yourself with this environment:
  2. Then you should familiarize yourself with the SOM-algorithm
  3. Third, do the required programming tasks
  4. Fourth, report your ideas and discoveries.

The project report

  1. Create a cover sheet with
  2. The first section should be an introduction stating
  3. The second section should be an introduction to the SOM algorithm
  4. The third section should also contain one or two pages describing
  5. The last section is for conclusions
  6. Remember to include any matlab (.m) files you wrote (or edited) for this assignment in your submission (as an appendix, for example)!

The required tools

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