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T-61.5130 Machine Learning and Neural Networks (5 cr)

Autumn 2007, Excercises

Answers to the exercises will be presented on Tuesdays 14-16 in T3 and Thursdays 12-14 in TU2.

Updated versions of the model answers now contain corrections to some errors in the first versions.

6.11. Exercise 1 Basic single neuron models [problems] [answers]
13.11. Exercise 2 Error minimization, LMS algorithm, linear classifier [problems] [answers 1-3] [answers 4-5]
15.11. Exercise 3 Principal component analysis (PCA), whitening [problems] [answers]
20.11. Exercise 4 Multilayer perceptron network (MLP) [problems] [answers] [MLP-fitting demo script]
22.11. Exercise 5 Network training algorithms, backpropagation [problems] [answers] [Matlab sources for image compression demo]* [Image files]
27.11. Exercise 6 Bias/variance, regularization [problems] [answers]
29.11. Exercise 7RBF networks [problems] [answers 1,2,4,5] [answer 3]
4.12. Exercise 8Support vector machines (SVMs) [problems] [answers]
11.12. Exercise 9Independent component analysis (ICA) [problems] [answers]
13.12. Exercise 10 Independent component analysis, self-organizing maps [problems] [answers]
Exercise 11LVQ, time-delayed networks (Note: no excercise session.) [problems] [answers]
(*) Limited access due to copyright restrictions. Ask the course assistant for the login.

Contact me if you have any questions about the exercises or the project work.


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