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T-61.5130 Machine Learning and Neural Networks, autumn 2007

Results of examination on 11th January 2008

The form on the notice table showing the detailed results of the examination is regrettably in Finnish only, but it gives your study book number, study programme, your mark (under the title "Arvosana"), and under the title "Lisätietoja" the points that you have got from each examination problem, as well as your total points. From each problem one can get from 0 to 6 points, so that the overall maximum number of points from the four problems equals 24. The limits of each mark are shown bottommost on the form under the title "Arvosanarajat".

Results in brief

Study Book No: 30555S, Mark: 2
Study Book No: 64843T, Mark: 1
Study Book No: 54308H, Mark: 4
Study Book No: 49819B, Mark: 0
Study Book No: 63107K, Mark: 5
Study Book No: 62717V, Mark: 5
Study Book No: 64555P, Mark: 2
Study Book No: 81165U, Mark: 5
Study Book No: 63861C, Mark: 2

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