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T-61.5110 Intensive course on modeling biological networks

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Project work

Some possible topics

Below is a list of some of the methods described on the course. Any of these can be used as a basis for the project work. More topic ideas will be added when the course proceeds. On Thursday we will hear at least about Bayes networks, and on Friday more about genetic regulatory networks. You should find papers about all with some Google searches, using the names of the methods and the authors mentioned on the lecture slides. Ask if you don't.


See for instructions on printing. Printers maari1 and maari2 are in this floor, and you should be able to select them directly from Acroread.

Reaching the computers from outside

The computer accounts are valid until the end of August. You can take ssh connection to "". That machine, however, does not have Matlab and should not be used for computing. You should thus proceed and take ssh connection from that to any of the machines in classrooms. Here is a list of all the available computers; you should be able to use most of those. The list under "Jalokivet, (Maari-C)" has the computers we were using during the course.

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