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T-61.5100 Digital Image Processing / Digitaalinen kuvankäsittely (5 cr) P

Autumn 2008

Starting from autumn 2008 all course information is in the Noppa-portal.

Autumn 2007

The main topics of the course are: image enhancement, image restoration, color, spectral analysis and transforms, and image compression.


Lectures and exercises

The lectures are given on Thursdays at 12-14 in lecture hall T1. The first lecture was given on Thursday Sept. 13th. The lectures will be held by docent Jorma Laaksonen in Finnish. You can contact him at the lectures, by e-mail, or by phone (451 3269).

The exercises are given on Mondays at 10-12 in lecture hall T1, with the first exercise on Oct. 1st. The exercise problem papers will be given in the exercise sessions, but it is also possible to download the exercise problems from this web page in advance. The problems and their solutions will be distributed through Edita as well, and they are available in both Finnish and English. The exercises are held by MSc Mats Sjöberg (e-mail: mats.sjoberg at in Finnish or English if requested. You can contact him at the exercises or by e-mail.

Course material

The lectures will follow the book:
Rafael C. Gonzalez - Richard E. Woods,
Digital Image Processing
Prentice-Hall, 2002, 2nd edition.

Lecture and exercise materials to be distributed by Edita in PDF/PS format:

Requirements for passing the course

To get the course credits it is required to pass the exam, and to complete an obligatory course assignment. The first exam will be held on Wednesday December 19th at 9-12 in lecture halls LN. The next exams will be on Saturday February 2nd at 10-13 (so called Saturday exam, the exact room can be found before the exam in the main building notice board) and Monday March 10th at 13-16 in lecture hall T1. The course assignment must be finished and returned by Monday, January 14th 2008 at 4pm. According to the lab's policy, the course assignment must get passed before the exam; with the exception of exams that take place before the assignment deadline. If you need the problem sheet in English, be sure to notify the lecturer beforehand by sending an e-mail at least a few days before the exam!

Notices and enrollment

Sign up for the course through the WebTOPI system. Those who do not have access to WebTOPI can send e-mail to the lecturer. It is advisable to follow the newsgroup news:// or check the course web pages every now and then, as any changes in schedule or other information is posted there.

In Otaniemi, August 20th 2007,

Jorma Laaksonen
Mats Sjöberg

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