Project assignment

The project should be reported in a concise but high standard research-like article (around 8 pages).

The report should be returned before the End of the Year.

I - Characterisation of the frequency content

II - Segmentation

Segment the data in portions having:

You may choose any segmentation method from the book. Justify your choice. 

III - Artifact detection and removal

The MEG data (fs = 148.5 Hz) in MEG.mat has a number of artifacts in it. These include ocular (both blinking and horizontal saccades), cardiac and myographic contaminations. You still have a weak (but real) digital watch. Underneath it all, there is some beta activity (artificially added :-) ). Your task is to: 

  1. Identify all the artifacts and alpha activity named above;
  2. Make use of any method studied in the book (in case of despair you can get one or two artifacts from your preferred bag of tricks);
  3. Use ICA for the detection of, at most, 3 artifacts, including the digital watch. (you will need to do some dimension reduction, explain why it is important)
  4. Bonus question: there may be some additional artifact that hasn't been mentioned... finding any will be acknowledged.