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Examination 2008 - T-61.5010

This course has 2-4 examinations per year.

In order to participate the examination you must sign in at least one week before the examination date using WWWTopi. You can find the time and location of the next examination from the examination schelude.

To pass the course you must pass both the examination and term project. The results of an examination will be valid for one year after the examination date.

The examination will be based on the lectures.

You can find the topics and references to the relevant literature from the lecture slides.

There will be around five or six problems. There might be following kinds of problems:

There may also be some problems from the problem sessions. The questions will be in English. You can answer in Finnish, Swedish or English.

We follow the default examination rules at TKK (Teknillisen korkeakoulun tenttiohjesääntö), which means, e.g., that a calculator is not allowed (nor needed).

We do not provide the copies of the old examinations, sorry.

Guidelines for grading

There is a separate document on writing an essay. Some general guidelines for grading of the examination answers are given below (which are quite similar to the grading criteria of the Finnish high school final examination, "reaalikoe"). Notice that in addition to having a correct factual content a good examination answer should be, among other things, easily understandable for the examiner (for example, the examiner should not need to try to guess or re-read the answer several times to understand what the student meant; the answer should be structured and the content should be relevant to the problem).

Signs of a strong answer:

Signs of a weak answer:

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