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Methodological studies - T-61.3050

We are often asked whether this course (T-61.3050 Machine Learning: Basic Principles) can be included in various modules of studies of methodological principles ("M module"), or as part of the postgraduate studies.

We do not decide nor usually know whether you can include this course into your studies or not, we only provide the course. Please find what we know below.

The exact meaning of "methodological principles" has been a topic of long discussions. The degree regulations are not very specific in defining them. As we understand it, this course would make a good methods course in many disciplines, assuming you have the required prerequisite knowledge (otherwise you may find the course difficult to pass: this course has mathematical content and it requires you to do some data analysis using appropriate software tools). Whether you may include this course in your methods studies is a different matter.

This course can be part of various curriculum. Whether this course can be included in your curriculum depends on your degree programme. You should consult your degree programme (typically a person with whom you have made your study plan or "HOPS") if unclear.

Master's studies

This course can be included in the module of the studies of methodological principles ("M module") in the TKK's Master's Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering; please see the department's page on methodological studies for more information. This course is currently part of the TKK's "common list", which means that this course should be eligible for the module of methodological principles in most (if not all) TKK's Master's Degree Programmes. The students of other Master's Degree Programmes should consult their respective programmes if necessary.

Postgraduate studies

According to the TKK Degree Regulations, the postgraduate studies should consist (as a main rule) of postgraduate level courses. This course is not a postgraduate level course ("lisenssiaattikurssi", you recognize them of the "L" or "P" after the course name) and therefore it is possible that you may not include this course in your postgraduate studies. Otherwise this course would probably make a good methods course into the "Y module" of the postgraduate studies.

However, some faculties have been known sometimes to accept one non-postgraduate level course in the postgraduate studies, see the postgraduate study guide for more information or contact the faculty directly.

The policies vary across the faculties. The students should consult their respective faculties, universities or whatever if uncertain.

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