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Project - Web spam detection - Instructions for final submission

Below are some general guidelines for preparing the final report.

  1. Give your work a descriptive title! "MLBP: Final Project Report" doesn't really say anything, whereas "Using X and Y for Z with applications to Q" may sound boring but is somewhat more informative. (This is just an example, you can call your work whatever you want.)
  2. Include a short abstract to the beginning. It should describe the key points of your work in a few sentences. The reader should obtain a clear understanding what was done by the team just by reading the abstract.
  3. Use a writing style appropriate for scientific work. Remember that this is a technical document, not a piece of literature. If you have never read a scientific article, see for instance the original paper about PageRank for a nice and simple example. Of course your work does not have to be as extensive, but the general style of writing should be similar. (Scientific style does (or, at least it should) not mean that you try to obfuscate the real work behind unnecessary details and unclear expression!)
  4. Concentrate on your own results. As the course staff is already aware of the general setting, there is no need to extensively cover web spam detection as a machine learning problem.
  5. Do not forget to divide the text into sections and give the sections appropriate titles.
  6. If you use figures or tables, make sure to refer to them in the text.

NOTE: If you already sent your final report, just ignore the above points. Following them rigorously does not affect the grade, it'll just make our work a little easier. Of course, if you still want to improve your document, feel free to submit it as many times as you like until the final deadline of January 2nd, 2008.

When preparing your submission, name the file either as

mlproject_report_final_12345X.pdf, or
where 12345X is the student number of the corresponding author. The subject line of the email should be
mlproject2007, final report, 12345X
where 12345X is again the student number of the corresponding author. Remember to list all team members and their student numbers in the body of the email.

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