T-61.281 Statistical and Adaptive Natural Language Processing (3 cr)

Tik-61.281 Luonnollisen kielen tilastollinen käsittely

26+26 hours, Spring

Lectures: Wednesday at 10-12 lecture room T2 (Computer science building)
Practices: Tuesday at 8-10 room U264 (HUT main building)
Exam: 14.5. at 13-16, lecture room T1
Teacher: Krista Lagus, teaching lecturer.

These times are preliminary. Final times will be updated on 17.12.

Contents: The course gives an overview of the application of statistical and adaptive methods for analysis of natural language, for example, the analysis, organisation and search from text collections, language modelling for natural language recognition, syntactic and semantic analysis, probabilistic grammars and parsing, and statistical machine translation.

Requirements: Examination and project work.

Language: FINNISH

The course is mainly based on the book Christopher D. Manning and Hinrich Schutze: Foundations of statistical natural language processing, MIT Press, 1999. Available e.g. in electronic bookstores.

First time in spring term 2002.

Sunday, 11-Jan-2004 21:51:58 EET