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T-61.5020 Luonnollisen kielen tilastollinen käsittely

Lectures 2008

Päivä Lecture topics Material
23.1. Practical arrangements. Introduction to applications and to some basic concepts within linguistics and mathematics. (THo)
Manning and Schuetze: Ch. 1, 2, 3.1. 3.3
(<< see before)
30.1. Analysis of text collections and information retrieval (THo)
Manning and Schuetze: Ch. 15.1. 15.2, 15.3.4, 15.4; Karlgren: chapters 1-4
(<< see before)
6.2. Word and document maps (THo)
Honkela: document maps
13.2. Statistical style analysis (THo)
Jussi Karlgren's PhD thesis, (on information retrieval: chapters 1-4); on style: chapter 8
20.2. Speech recognition (THi)
27.2. Machine translation (JV) (pdf)
5.3. Contextual information and compositionality (JV) (pdf)
12.3. No lecture (exam period)
19.3. Disambiguation (THo)
Slides in Finnish or corresponding section on disambiguation by Manning and Schuetze
26.3. No lecture (Easter)
2.4. Statistical language models (n-grams) (THo) (pdf)
9.4. Methods for statistical machine translation (JV) (pdf)
16.4. Methods for speech recognition (THi) (pdf)
23.4. No lecture
30.4 Conclusions and future scenarios of language technology and cognitive linguistics (THo)
9.5. EXAM

THo = Timo Honkela, JV = Jaakko Väyrynen,
THi = Teemu Hirsimäki, SV = Sami Virpioja

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