T-61.271 Information visualization

Exercise 5. Thu 6.11.2003:12-14 T4

Construct a mind map of some part of the previous lecture.

Calculate the thoeretical time it takes a user to get from the laboratory main page <http://www.cis.hut.fi/> to the course page. Take into account the selection time and time constants for different simple tasks (table in Lecture notes page about Table lens). You can assume the page takes about 1 s to load. For more information Card et al. p 597 and lecture notes.

Pick up some small collection of documents (a book containing chapters, subchapters etc., a calendar containing daily plans, ...). Sketch roughly a plan of how you would present these documents in a WWW site. Try to apply the principles of effective view navigability. (Card et al. p. 589)

Jarkko Venna 2003-10-30