T-61.271 Information visualization

Exercise 3. Thu 23.10.2003:12-14 T4

Create one image that combines 2 preattentive features, so that either of them can be found without interference from the other. Create a second image in which there is interfecernce between the featrures.

Visual system contains different kinds of receptive fields (e.g. different Gabor patterns in V1 and V2). For which kind of stimulus is each receptive field most sensitive to?

Analyze the attached figure of a Dalmatian. Which Gestalt laws help to group the black shapes into a dog?

Construct a visual grammar that will describe the flow of a small computer program without using lines to connect the parts. Find the graphical codes, their visual presentations and corresponding semantics. Which of the Gestalt laws can be used to explain the grammar? [Hint: Ware p. 222 onwards]

Jarkko Venna 2003-10-17