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T-61.123 Computer Architecture (3 cr), autumn 2005

Version 1.2, 10.09.2004
 T-61.123 Tietokoneen arkkitehtuuri (3 ov)

Updated Information

The list of the grades has been sent to registeration and it can be viewed here. If something is wrong or your grade is missing, please email to tark@hut.fi.

Exam results. If something is wrong or if you wish to look at the grading of your answers, please send email to tark@hut.fi. Next registeration list is sent on Monday 27 of November.

Next exam will be on next March. The results of October exam will be available within a week, give or take.

New semester begins and the exam of Computer Architecture takes place 30th of October. Before Christmas, there is still a possibility to arrange an exam, if needed.

The last project work round has ended. Thanks for everybody for the participation. The register listing is here. Again, all weird things in the list should be notified to tark@hut.fi.

The latest register listing. If you see something weird in your results, please contact tark@hut.fi. Some projects might still be waiting for checking in the end of the month.

The results of the exam in April are here. The list is sent for the registeration on Monday due to the rules of exam result registeration.

However, it is possible to check the grading of the exam by sending email to tark@hut.fi and arranging an appointment with the assistant. If this appointment leads to change in ones grade, it will be changed afterwards to the register.

The last possibility to get your project work done is at hand soon. If you haven't done the project work, or you have gotten a zero, and you want to get this course marked to your receipt, you have to return your project work by the end of May, that is 31.5. The same instructions and guidelines apply.

Name your document file as
projectnumber_studentnumber_firstname_lastname.doc or .pdf.
For example
Capital and non-capital letters are irrelevant.

Apparently, the official course replacing Computer Architecture seems to be a course called T-0.3123 Computer And Operating System. The course given earlier in this page, is mainly for students in Electricity Department, but you should verify, which course is right for you from the office of international affairs or from the office of your own department.

All grades have been sent to Orek and the lists can be seen here and here. If you see a mistake or something missing on your part, please send an email to tark@hut.fi.

Preliminary summary of the grades and points can be found here. It does not include all re-returned project grades, but all results from the exam in January should be correct.

Results of the exam held in January can be found here. You can see the grading of the exam on next Friday, 10th of February from 11 to 13 in the CIS library, room B322.

The deadline for re-returning your assignment, in the case you got 0 from it, is by the end of this month 31.1.2006.

There will be one last possibility to get the mandatory project work done later this spring. It is The Last possibility, for those who want to have a mark from this course and have not yet passed the project. Exams will be held until the end of September 2006 by the normal exam schedule.

Project work grades. If your student number is not on the list or you have grade equal to zero, please contact tark@hut.fi. There will be a possibility to correct failed project work later this spring.

Summary of all points and grades can be found here. If you think something is wrong with the results, send an email before Monday 16th of January. After that date, the list will be sent to Oodi people for registering.

As notified earlier in this webpage, the Computer Architecture course in its current form has been lectured for the last time in the past fall. The course will now be transferred to Electrical and Communications Engineering Department and its Electonic Circuit Design Laboratory. New webpage can be found from http://www.ecdl.hut.fi/education/3190/index.php?lang=en.

December exam results.

One can see the evaluation criteria of the exam at 16.1.2006 from 13:00 to 15:00 in the CIS library, room B322.

Exercise points of the fall 2005 can be found here. The results of the exam should be posted to the newsgroup of the course during the Christmas and to this webpage closer to the New Year.

The evaluation of the project works should be done after the New Year.

Jolly Christmas and very rowdy New Year from the course staff!

Exam instructions.

Exam 1.9.2005 results are here. To see the evaluation of the exam, send e-mail to tark@hut.fi before the end of the week.

ATTENTION! Exercise session of Wednesday 14 - 16 has been moverd for 2 hours later. Hall is still C and the day Wednesday, but the time is always from 16 to 18. The course staff is sorry for possible inconvenience caused by the late change.

Course webpages updated. Exercises for the first round can be found here. The page will be updated every week before the exercise sessions.

Course webpages updated. This is the last time this course will be given in its current form and there is no decicions about the future yet. When the decicions are done, the new information will be available here, on this website. Old projects and passed exams will be valid until the last examination date next spring.

Exam on 20.6. results. Due to the advancing summer, the checking of the results is done already in 23rd of June (next Thursday) at 16:15 in the terrace of restaurant Cantina in Otaniemi.

General overview

This course deals with computer architecture. The topics discussed include general concepts, instruction set, data path, execution control, pipeline, memory system and I/O interfaces. Practical examples deal with the MIPS R3000 RISC microprocessor. The students should have a basic knowledge of programming and digital circuit design. This is the last semester this course will be given, Fall 2005.

Course Material

The textbook is David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy: Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware/Software interface, 2. edition, Morgan Kaufman Publishers 1998. Additional material (mainly in English) will be handed out.


The lectures are in Finnish on Thurdays 16 - 18 in the main building hall A. The first lecture is on 15th September 2005 and the last on 1st December 2005. The lecturer is Dr. Seppo Haltsonen. The lecture slides can be found here. (The slides are adapted from lecture slides created by Tod Amon for Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Approach, Second Edition, by David Patterson and John Hennessy, Copyright 1998 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.)


There are tutorial sessions on weeks 38, 40, 42, 45, 47 and 49. The times and places of the tutorial groups are Tue 10-12 G, We 16-18 C and Fri 12-14 K. Every student should choose a tutorial group and attend the tutorial sessions of that group. The problems are solved at home before the session. The assistant first writes down which problems the students have solved. After that the solutions are studied together. The students get extra points for the exam in the following way:

percentage of solved problems points
50 % 1
65 % 2
80 % 3
90 % 4

Four extra points guarantee that the exam grade in incremented by one. Extra points are valid in the next two (2) first exams, the first one after the course and the second, which is usually about a month after. The tutorial problems are from the textbook. Their numbers can be found here on the previous week. In addition, paper copies of the problems numbers are available at the previous lecture.


An obligatory project is part of the course. An assembly language program for the R3000 processor is written and documented. The course project instructions can be found here (doc) / (html). The following documents might also be useful, while doing one's assigment: SPIM-tutorial-1, SPIM-tutorial-2 and an example of a project report. The deadline of the project is 12th December 2005 at 24.00. The report should be sent to the assistants using the e-mail address tark@hut.fi.


The course assistants are Antti Sorjamaa, Mikko Mäkinen and Lauri Eloranta. Their consulting hours are on weeks 41, 44, 46 and 48 at the tutorial session times. The assistants guide the tutorials and help with the project. The assistants can also be reached via e-mail (tark@hut.fi). The newsgroup opinnot.tik.tark contains useful information on the course and the project.


For the exam you should study those parts of the textbook discussed in the lectures and the tutorial problems. If you need the exam paper in English, please let the lecturer know at least one week before the exam.


The course grade will be calculated in the following way: course grade = exam grade *2/3 + project grade *1/3. Both exam and project must be passed (grade >0). The maximum number of points in the exam is 30. To pass it you must get at least 12 points. The extra tutorial points only affect after you have passed the exam.

Seppo Haltsonen

e-mail: seppo.haltsonen@evtek.fi

Tuesday, 19-Aug-2008 10:51:00 EEST